Blossoming Flowers

By:Lawyer Zhang Tao – Shanghai Ganus LawDate:2016-11-14

Snowflakes chasing after winter,

Appearing under the milky white moonlight.

I do not have the warmth,

To melt the frost in my heart.

Listen, to the melody of the spring breeze,

Fluttering across the spinning wheel.

I do not have the courage,

To behold the sceneries miles away.

Paper dancing like fallen leaves,

Writing their yearning promises.

I gave up my endurance,

Driving towards the harbour mast.

Look, thunderstorm laughing in gaiety,

Causing fragrant flames to splatter.

I gave up my belief,

Mourning for the forgotten yesterday.

The flowers have blossomed,

I know

One of them is mine.

Ganus’Value:I would look for the legal basis for your point of view, even if I disagree with it.
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