Ganus Etiquette Training


On the afternoon of 2nd February 2018, Ganus Law held its 2nd etiquette training. We were honoured to have Lawyer Daniel Dang as our guest speaker prior to the training, Mr Daniel not only pointed out the importance of improving one’s good manners and appearance, but also to continue maintaining and constantly improving ourselves in the future. Mr Daniel introduced the standardization of meeting clients, and the new booking system for our meeting rooms. Through Mr Daniel’s speech, I gained more insights into the legal industry and our firm; we will all work together for a better future! His speech also motivates me to set higher standards for myself to provide better services for our clients.

Ganus Law was very honoured to have Ms Liang Xuying as our guest lecturer; Ms Liang is a very professional etiquette trainer. In the course today, we learned interesting things such as the 3 standards clothing, 10 standards for accessories, etiquette, hairstyle, use of scarfs etc. and everything was hugely useful in our daily lives. Everyone learnt a lot from Ms Liang and we all had an eventful and fulfilling afternoon.

A lawyer’s appearance and etiquette directly influences the lawyer’s value, the manner he/she communicates to the client and the legal industry. Therefore a lawyer must know his/her appearance and etiquette very well in order to portray a professional image to the public. From this course, I learnt how to wear clothes that suit my body type while still being fashionable and professional looking; this gives me a new found confidence within myself.

Ms Liang’s course really helped me learnt a lot about myself. Special thanks to Ganus Law for organizing such an event, I believe the lawyers in our firm greatly appreciate this event as well; we will all work towards a better future!

Ganus’Value:Rule consciousness maketh the winner in the arena of life and career.
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